Sarah Levinson is a relationship enthusiast with over 20 years of coaching experience. In the past eight years, she has focused on creative relationship structures, ethical non-monogamy and intimacy with individuals, couples and other configurations. During this time, she created the fabulous Polyamorous Women’s Discussion Group in NYC, a focal point for thought leaders in ethical nonmonogamy for 8 years. She has also led workshops on creating rules within polyamorous relationships at Burning Man.

Sarah has participated on several panels addressing polyamory and children. Prior to her focus on nonmonogamy, Sarah counseled lawyers in their career choices and advised law firm management on strategic hiring of lateral partners and groups for over 20 years. Sarah received her JD from Columbia University School of Law, completed postgraduate studies at Oxford University and received her BA from the University of Miami. She has done extensive workshopping with the Human Awareness Institute and is currently engaged in several relational and intimacy-focused workshops and trainings including DBT coursework, Gottman couples work and sex therapy coursework at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy.