Children and Polyamory

The topic of polyamory and children can be extraordinarily nuanced. There are significant differences between children growing up in a household that has been polyamorous for their entire lives and children living in homes where their parents’ relationship structure shifted from monogamy to polyamory during their lifetime. There are questions of when to introduce partners to children and how to navigate the attachment that ensues. There are also questions around custody being impacted by one parent’s choice of non-monogamy. There are as many kids who are nonplussed upon learning of their parents’ less traditional relationship structure, as there are kids who insist on knowing no details at all. Part of the complexity is that not telling children about a dynamic that they can feel happening in their home can be confusing. There is also the potential for children to learn details unexpectedly. The decision about whether to tell children, what to tell them and when is something that can take years to unfold. Sarah and Mark have had extensive experience navigating this process and bring the wisdom of their own families’ experiences to the topic.