Consent Conversations

Consent is a topic that is of utmost importance to us. There is a fair bit of nuance to the topic and we often hear of communication disconnects on this topic. We provide a safe and effective space to facilitate conversations related to consent. We focus on aftercare for social ruptures and transgressions and create compassionate restorative repair using a reparative justice model. If one of the parties is not comfortable participating in an in person conversation, we are experienced with the model that works with stand-in parties.

We also work with individuals and moresomes on proactively understanding the concepts around advanced consensuality in our workshops and in private sessions.

Consent Resources

The Wheel of Consent

Meg-John and Justin podcast

Misha Bonaventura’s amazing resource list

Consensuality Workshops

Experientials that Challenge Awareness

 is an amalgamation of the words Consent and Sensuality. Consensuality emphasizes relationship enhancement and focuses on improving verbal and non-verbal skills for navigating the challenges and opportunities of sensual, intimate and vulnerable interactions. In this full day workshop, we will increase mindful awareness of our own needs and limits and the ability to effectively express them, while simultaneously increasing our awareness of the needs and limits of others. We challenge you to examine the many intimate and powerful nuances of advanced consent through a unique blend of experiential exercises. Join us in manifesting cutting-edge consent dialogue into powerful interpersonal connections. Let’s use consent to enhance sensuality.

A sampling of workshop topics:

  • Explore nuances of advanced consent (non-verbal consent, consent over time, revoking consent)

  • Improve your awareness of moments of choice, agency and responsibility

  • Enhance your ability to be emotionally courageous and vulnerable

  • Explore aftercare: social ruptures, transgressions and compassionate repair

  • Apply consent skills while enhancing intimacy without a chilling effect

  • Utilize consent with greater awareness of privilege, equity and inclusivity