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Relationship Anarchy: A Panel Discussion

Relationship Anarchy (RA) is a relationship philosophy that values autonomy and choice--and rejects hierarchy and hetero and mono-normative societal structures. RA asserts that love is abundant, so that one can have many concurrent, meaningful and loving relationships that are not limited to a romantic and sexual couple format. Creative Relating has assembled an amazing panel, that brings together thought leaders in the community to discuss their views of RA and facilitates the asking of any questions you may have.  During this panel discussion, we hope to explore the following and more: 

  • The varied and nuanced elements of RA 

  • Differentiation of RA from non-hierarchical polyamory  

  • The RA manifesto and its revisions 

  • How a couple with children navigates non-hierarchy 

  • How RA influences attachment  

  • RA in practice: what works well and what presents challenges 

Come join us for a fascinating exchange of ideas!!


Erin Cadet (panelist) is a graduate of Long Island University with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. She’s currently working on her certification in Sex Therapy. Erin is an avid sex nerd, she can typically be found reading up on the latest trends in relationships and sexuality. Erin has ever deepening passion for deconstructing romantic love, singlism and alternative relationship structures. 

Joanne Davila, PhD (panelist) is a Professor of Psychology and the Director of Clinical Training at Stony Brook University. She has published widely in the areas of close relationships, interpersonal functioning, and psychopathology, and is the co-author (with K. Lashman) of “The Thinking Girl's Guide to the Right Guy: How Knowing Yourself Can Help You Navigate Dating, Hookups, and Love” (Guilford Press). Her current research focuses on romantic competence among adolescents and adults, romantic relationship education for young adults, the interpersonal causes and consequences of depression and anxiety, and well-being among LGBT individuals. She is a Fellow in the Association for Psychological Science and is the Editor of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. She is a licensed psychologist who specializes in evidence-based interventions for relationship/interpersonal problems, anxiety, and depression. 

Amir Halfon (panelist) Amir identifies as a solopoly, genderfluid, neurodivergent bi/pansexual. He grew up in a heteronormative, militaristic society in his hometown of Tel Aviv, and became aware of the ills of amato-normativity as a young adult seeking alternative relationship structures. Nevertheless, with Don Juanism being the prevalent nonmonogamous stereotype around him, Amir had a hard time resisting his internalized social conditioning, and ended up in a traditional, long term monogamous marriage. It was only much later in life that he's discovered relationship anarchy as an alternative model that promoted honest, consensual, egalitarian relationships, and has been aspiring to follow its principals ever since. 

Rachel Klechevsky (panelist) received her MSW at NYU, studied human sexuality education at Widener University and is currently working on a Doctorate in Marriage & Family Therapy at Northcentral University. She is currently researching ways to improve the therapeutic experience for people who identify with and/or practice ethical nonmonogamy. Rachel has a sex therapy practice and occasionally teaches human sexuality at local universities. 

Sarah Levinson (moderator) is the founder of Creative Relating and is a relationship enthusiast with over 20 years of coaching experience. In the past decade, she has focused on creative relationship structures, ethical non-monogamy and intimacy. She created both the Polyamorous Women’s Discussion Group and the Polyamorous Men's Discussion Group with Mark Sisti. Sarah also counseled lawyers in their career choices and advised law firm management on strategic hiring of lateral partners for over 20 years. Sarah received her JD from Columbia University School of Law and her BA from the University of Miami. She has done extensive workshopping with the Human Awareness Institute and is currently engaged in DBT coursework and sex therapy coursework at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy.  

Mark Sisti, PhD (moderator) is the founder and director of Brooklyn Cognitive-Behavioral, PLLC. He is a graduate of Hofstra University, a licensed psychologist and an adjunct professor at Yeshiva University, Department of Clinical Psychology. Dr. Sisti is a diplomat and peer-reviewed trainer in both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  He is a published author on third generation CBTs and ACT, as well as on other forms of experiential interpersonal psychotherapies and their integration with relational psychoanalysis.  He has presented workshops and trainings in these modalities at various conferences domestically and internationally. 

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