Opening a Dyadic Monogamous Relationship

Deciding Whether to Open

The process of deciding whether or not to open a monogamous relationship is complex and can often take years of discussion.  Often both members of a couple are of different minds on how to proceed. There are questions about balance, fairness, scheduling, safer sex agreements, whether to create a document that embodies agreements, whether to bring partners to the home, whether to meet another's partners, and how to navigate any jealousy triggers that present.  The topics seem endless but are very much surmountable with some patience and lots of conversation! 

Once Open

Navigating a newly open relationship could be the biggest challenge a couple faces. But it certainly challenges you to become very centered in yourself and what you want.  And what type of relationships meet your needs. There may be moments of uncertainty about the existing relationship.  And issues of whether to tell family, children and friends, how much time the couple wants to spend with other partners, are overnights and travel comfortable? Are texts and emails between partners private? Again a myriad of interesting questions to navigate together, which can strengthen an existing relationship in unexpected ways.

Long Term

Once a couple has concluded that they are comfortable with the relationship structure they have created, the long term questions might involve how to share finances amongst partners, navigating creative living arrangements, integration of partners into families, how to support your partners during their breakups, whether you prefer a hierarchical style of relationship or tend toward relationship anarchy, coming out as polyamorous in the workplace and how to navigate complex social events.  Again, the fascinating questions keep coming.  Which ultimately has the potential to strengthen your emotional awareness and the communication skills of all partners.