Relationship Anarchy

In Stockholm, Sweden during the early 2000‘s, Relationship Anarchy was born out of an environment of counterculture. Relationship Anarchy is the idea that love does not need a specific set of rules, but rather that all of our relationships can be construed as valuable, that all can be constructed and shaped by people who want to engage in them, based on free will, and a radical wish to avoid defining relationships by attempts to exercise power over one another. Those committed to Relationship Anarchy prefer to define their relationships themselves, rather than falling back on the norm.


The short instructional manifesto for relationship anarchy by Andie Nordgren

Love is abundant, and every relationship is unique

Love and respect instead of entitlement

Find your core set of relationship values

Heterosexism is rampant and out there, but don’t let fear lead you

Build for the lovely unexpected

Fake it til’ you make it

Trust is better

Change through communication

Customize your commitments


Relationship Anarchy 

Resource List 

Relationship Anarchy Manifesto, Andie Nordgren 


The Road to Relationship Anarchy (Article by Andie Nordgren, 2018) 

The Anarchist Library 


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