Sarah has been an incredible anchor in stormy seas. She's a sensitive, intuitive ear who offers both practical suggestions—as well as empowering guidance that helps me reach my own conclusions, at my own pace. Not only that–she's deeply experienced in matters of nontraditional relationship structures (and the complexities that come along with them). I highly recommend Sarah Levinson and her style of counseling. —S


I have been working with Sarah for over a year now, and it has been one of my best decisions. Even if you are are completely monogamous, she is simply one of the most perceptive, intuitive, and adeptly practical--by far the most helpful--of all the therapists I've known. her understated style makes it "look easy" but its actually an ingeniously tailored combination of Eastern and Western approaches. she has helped me confront, embark on, or breathe through many life challenges--including one of the most effective reframes of Early trauma. she's been invaluable for my romantic relationships too. There is no hokey mind-control stuff here either--simply a suite of more upbeat, practical, and POSITIVE approaches at her disposal--with a keen awareness of the body--than most psychotherapists have. She gently clarifies, steers, or reorients my train of thought--giving me anything from concrete suggestions, to a new interpretation or context to consider. So many situations seem suddenly clearer while working with Sarah. For me with my overthinky tendencies, she has a way of miraculously making life feel more manageable. —B

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Sarah has created a monthly circle of intelligent, successful and quite extraordinary women engaged in exploring and discussing various aspects of Consensual non-monogamy. She is an excellent moderator and group leader, and she excels at offering compassionate, supportive, creative and thoughtful advice to each individual. I am most grateful to be part of this community.


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I have attended Sarah’s Women’s Polyamorous Discussion group for the past 2+ years. Sarah is great at not only making everyone immediately feel that they are in a comfortable, safe environment, but always offers thoughtful guidance & valuable perspective regarding polyamorous relationships. Her many years of personal experience in the polyamorous space makes her an incredible counselor & resource for anything having to do with consensual non-monogamy. I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone seeking help navigating the often unclear waters of alternative relationships! —Dee


I attended Sarah’s poly women’s group for many years. She is thoughtful and thought-provoking. Her calmness, intuition, knowledge, and compassion help the women comfortably and productively discuss the challenges we face in our non-traditional relationships. I highly recommend Sarah for guidance and counseling in any relationship.



My partner and I worked with Sarah on distinguishing issues in our intimate relationship that were leading us to feel challenged and stuck. We were taken by Sarah’s intelligence, her calm and warm presence, and her ability to navigate the work with sensitivity and direction. She authentically and creatively pressed us to explore places we felt stuck. Sarah’s empathic and embodied commitment to working with us made us feel like she really cared. She helped us effectuate real change. Money and time well spent. —S